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Journeys of Reemus: Ch 2 Journeys of Reemus: Ch 2

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Walkthrough - Part 2

Hi! Prid-Outing and I, we are god friends. He wondered if i could write down the rest of the walkthrough here:

Area 6: Here you can also switch from Reemus to Liam. Choose Reemus. Click at the top of the orange plant. Reemus will take some leaves. Then click the blue mushroom. Reemus will put the leaves in it. There are six silver shiny things at the trees. Five near you. And the sixth behind all the trees. PS: If you click the silver thing, it will change direction. So let us say that if the blue diamond points to the left, the number is 1. If you click it again, it will still be at the left side, but a little back, then the number is 2. Click again, and it will point a little right, the number, 3. Click again, and it will point to the right, number is 4. Remember those numbers. This is just a easy way for me to explain how to do it. Click the silver thing, behind all the trees ( number 4 ). Then you'll see the moon-light pointing to another silver-thing, click ( number 2 ). Then it will light another one ( number 2 ). Then click the one ( number 4 ). And then ( number 3 ). And the lost one ( number 1 ). If you got it right, the moon-light will shine upon the mushroom. The mushroom will get red. Choose Liam. The click on the stick at the left side for Liam. Then click the mushroom root. Then click the black hole covered with honey. A bear will appear. Click the bear. The bear will smoke, and go back to his place. Choose Reemus. Click the skeleton under Reemus. Then click the purple vine. Choose Liam and click the skeleton, twice so he drags it. Then choose Reemus and click the purple vine. Click the skeleton. Reemus will drag it down and take the honey.

Area 7: Click the frog. The scary Reemus will hide himself in it. Now you're Liam. Click the right-arrow twice. And then click the left-arrow twice. The monster will smash you and your honey will fall on his stomach. And you will be at area-2. Click the right-arrow. Now you'r at area-3. The snake will eat the monster and spit out blood. FINISHED! This is the Coward - Lucky Ending!

Prid-Outing, wants to know if this helped someone. If it did, let him notify!

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